A memory and a kindness for Ron’s family:

I am writing because I met Ronald Kim only once, very briefly, when I was 15 in 2003 and interviewing for a School Year Abroad program. Ronald was an SYA interviewer, having gone when he was in high school in Andover. after the interview, he showed me mother and I the amazing world bank cafeteria and gave me his business card. My first, perhaps. For some reason, I have always remembered him and his kindness and how cool it was to go to the world bank for an interview. Today, at 29, I was back at the world bank for the first time since that day in February 2003 to do research in the bank's archives (I am a phd student in history). So I googled "Ronald Kim world bank" wondering if I might knock on his office to say thank you and surprise him. I was so, so sad to find out that he had passed away so young. I just wanted to write to share this little memory, in his honor. He was a really good hearted person, clearly visible even to the cloudy eyes of a 15 year old.

 My condolences.

Elisa, DC


 Gift for a cousin


Message: My cousin recently started undergoing chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer. As I was browsing souvenirs with my sister and family who are visiting Cambodia for a couple of weeks, I saw a beautiful statue of a Naga which I thought my cousin would like, so I got it for her. Nagas have lot of different embodiments in Hindu and Buddhist religion and culture, but in Cambodia they are known mostly as protectors. My cousin likes gothic art and mythology, so I thought she would like to have a 7-headed snake looking out for her.

Erik- Cambodia


Subject: Ron Kim Day

Message: Ron is never far from our thoughts in our family. On Ron Kim Day I was at the grocery store and offered to buy the groceries for a young Mom and her two daughters. She was extremely grateful and when I explained to her that it was for Ron Kim Day, she smiled with tears in her eyes and said, "He must have been a great guy!" ...True indeed!!! While Ron would have always preferred such actions to be anonymous, I chronicle this story to honor his selfless spirit and to keep his memory fresh. May everyday be Ron Kim Day!

Location: Chesapeake, VA USA

Subject: Donation

Message: On 8/23/17 we received donation of $500 that has been made to the Pediatric Palliative Care program of Masonicare in honor of Ron Kim. The program cares for children with terminal or life threatening illnesses. The donation will be put to good use. The donation will help us support these children and families in their homes. In addition to nursing services, we are able to provide social work, spiritual care, bereavement support, volunteers, music therapy. We are also able to provide massage therapy!

Location: East Hartford Ct

Subject: The Dishes

Message: I work at a self storage facility and occasionally have to auction off units. I had been working with a customer whose mom came in several times to pay the rent. She told me that the reason she kept paying it was because of a set of dishes that were very special to her. Eventually I had to auction the unit, but decided to call her first and allowed her to come and get the dishes. She was so grateful!

Location: Virginia

Donor Network 5K


Hi Carrie, we donated to the Donor Network and ran the 5K for Ron. Thanks for letting us know about RonKimDay. We were thinking a lot of you, Ron and the girls during the race. Unfortunately, no pictures of Natalie (as she is the one taking them).

Danny, Lisa, Natalie, Lauren, Iowa

Back to school support

We bought gift cards in Target and gave them out to mothers and children entering the store.

Anonymous, Maryland


I bought a gift card in the Giant and walked around until I found someone who it seemed that it was meant for. I gave it to an older woman and she smiled and gave me a reusable shopping bag that said Sustainable Love on it. Perfect. 

Anonymous, Maryland