Subject: Every day can be Ron Kim Day

Message: I did try to participate on RKD this year, but I was homebound (teleworking and taking care of my mom) so I didn't get to do much. This week, a friend of mine, who is a volunteer with both the SPCA and the National Park Service on the Mall, lost her cat of 12 years to kidney disease. She saw the NPS hoodie commemorating its centennial anniversary and really wanted one. Unfortunately, the cat's emergency care bill depleted her discretionary funds. In Ron's memory, I purchased the hoodie to be delivered to her home.



Subject: Ron's Day

Message: One of my patients came in complaining of new swelling in his legs. He had recently become homeless and for the past week, had been sleeping in his car. I suspected that his swelling was from sleeping with his legs down all night but just to make sure, I ordered a test to rule out a blood clot. Fortunately, he didn't have it. I prescribed a diuretic but he said he would not have the money for it until he got his social security check in a week. I gave him the money to get the medication as I felt he should not wait a week to start treatment. He does have a social worker helping him find a place to live.

Location: Chesapeake, VA


Subject: Ice Cream Truck at the Office

Message: On Ron Kim Day we purchased a variety of different ice cream treats and put them in a cooler. We taped the pictures of the different ice creams on the outside of the cooler and brought it to the office. We put the cooler on a rolling cart and found some ice cream truck music to play on the phone. We delivered ice cream all over the office while we played the music. It made everyone smile!

Location: West Hartford, CT


Subject: Kindness Cupcakes

Message: On Uncle Ron's birthday we baked homemade cupcakes and delivered them to the two new families who moved into our neighborhood over the summer!

Location: West Hartford, CT


Subject: Acts of Kindness

Message: I went about my normal grocery shopping on Ron's birthday however when I checked out I purchased two gift cards to the grocery store and stuck a note to each of them saying that they were compliments of Ron Kim ( On my way out of the store I spotted a young mom with two young children in the produce isle so I stopped her and gave her one of the gift cards. I proceeded to the parking lot and loaded my groceries in the car. I then spotted two young ladies heading into the store. I stopped them and gave them the other gift card. I drove home feeling great. Thank you Ron xoxo

Location: West Hartford, CT


Subject: Help for victims of the Long Branch Fire

Message: In honor of Ron, the Peyrebrunes made a donation to the Montgomery Housing Partnership, to help the victims of the recent gas explosion and fire at the Long Branch apartment complex.

Location: Takoma Park, MD


Subject: Kindness

Message: In honor of Ron, I paid for the people behind me in the drive thru today. It was a little act of kindness, nothing much but I hope it brought a smile to their face.

Location: Florida


Subject: RKD 2016

Message: On my way to the beach I stopped at an ice cream shop. I walked up to the cashier and handed her my debit card. I explained to her that today was a family holiday honoring my uncle who passed away and that he was a very kind man so I would like to pay for the ice cream of everyone in line. She agreed and then I took my seat. It was mostly kids who were surprised and went on with their day but the few adults in line came up to me and asked questions. They wanted to know about Ron, who he was, why I was doing this. I answered all their questions along with asking them to pay the kindness forward. They all promised they would so hopefully Ron's kindness stretched even further than we know.

 After the line emptied I did the same thing at a corner store a few blocks down. The reactions were mostly the same. Gratitude, intrigue and smiles. One conversation stuck out to me. I talked to an older man wearing a WWII vet hat for about 10 minutes. He told me that he was blown away and that he had never seen anything like what Ron Kim Day was. It was great seeing how much he lit up as I told him about my uncle and the people all over the world participating in Ron Kim Day. He even asked for the name of the website, which I gave to him, so maybe he will read this one day.

 It was amazing seeing Ron's kind spirit live on and I can't wait for Ron Kim Day 2017

Location: Bethany Beach, DE


Subject: Forwarding a Piece of the Past

Message: Going through some old photograph albums, I came across two pictures of my favorite aunt. Her daughter, with whom I no longer have a relationship, was left with none of her personal pictures after a nasty divorce. I realized the pictures of her mother would be important to her so I'm putting them into a manilla envelope now and sending them to her.

Location: United States


Subject: Receiving kindness on Ron Kim Day

Message: I try to spend August 22nd sharing kindness in honor of Ron. It was such a pleasant surprise to be on the receiving end too. I babysit every Monday for a 4 year old and a one year old. I had packages to take to the Post Office. After unloading the kids I tried to get the packages from my car while holding onto the kids. A woman saw my struggle, came over and carried my packages into the Post Office so I didn't have to let go of the little hands I was holding. We opened the doors for her, everyone smiling.

 I thanked her profusely and told her about Ron Kim Day. She replied "I live my life in service to others". We all left the building feeling the warm of kindness.

Location: Silver Spring, MD


Subject: Ron Kim Day story

Message: It has become a tradition that I take my grand kids to Brookside Gardens on Ron Kim Day. It was a favorite place of Ron's, so much his memorial service was held there. This year we decided to walk the garden grounds and to offer any one we met with kids admission to visit the butterfly exhibit. We bought 20 tickets ahead of time and just handed them out. My grand daughter beamed after each encounter and at the end said, "Butterflies are so beautiful and they make people happy, everyone should see them" So true Sophie, so true.

Location: VA


Subject: act of kindness

Message: Well, it wasnt much at all, because Im out of work for the summer and extremely broke. But a few weeks ago, someone had given me a $20 Starbucks gift card. While I was digging around in my purse yesterday, I suddenly came across it. I figured that if it was meant to be used by me, I would have used it by now instead of forgetting about it. Plus, it was ronkim day, so - perfect opportunity. I was right by the subway station when the card came toppling out of my purse, and there was a Starbucks about a block away, because its NYC and there's a Starbucks everywhere here. I stood outside the Starbucks, and waited for just the right person to give it to. A few people came in and out, and then I saw a young woman maybe in her 30's, with an elderly woman who was in a wheelchair. "Okay mom, we're gonna get you your coffee okay? And the sandwich you like? And then we have to take you to your doctor appointment, okay?" She was very gentle with her mother, and very caring, but you could tell she was extremely stressed. I gave her the gift card and told her it was an act of kindness for RonKim Day - then I told her a bit about who I am - that Im a widow - and how some of us in the widowed community do things such as this to remember our loved ones. She teared up a bit and said: "Well arent you a sweetheart? This is so wonderful. " I told her there should be enough on there to get her mom's coffee, sandwich, plus something for herself. She leaned down and told her mom "this nice lady just gave us a gift card so now your lunch will be free!" The mom looked up at me, smiled big, and said: "Graci!!! Graci!!!!" I said "Oh, youre italian? So am I! Well,half. My moms side is from Sicily." She brightened up and her eyes widened and said: "Sicily! I am from Sicily! The coffee is much better there!" We all laughed, and they went in to get their stuff. It wasnt much, but it definitely brightened their day. Long live love.

Location: Flushing, New York


Subject: Ron Kim Day 2016

Message: I bought school uniforms for a financially-struggling family.

Location: Prince Georges County, Maryland


ubject: Ron Kim Day Deed

Message: My girlfriend, Erika, and I had just gotten back from a fun, yet exhausting day at a park near my house and found a large pile of dishes waiting to be cleaned in the kitchen. In the caring and selfless spirit of Ron, she said that we should stay up for a bit and surprise the house with a clean kitchen and clean dishes. We both helped clean up the kitchen tonight and felt a little happier before going to bed. Ron was the kind of person to habitually and stress-lessly do these kinds of tasks, and it is on his day that we remember him.

Location: Chesapeake, VA


Subject: Ron Kim Day!

Message: Today my kids and I set out on our bikes and picked up trash along our normal bike route. This is what they decided to do in honor of Ron Kim Day. They wanted to help the earth. We each had on backpacks and packed them two times along our four mile route. It drew lots of attention from neighbors along the route. Hopefully we inspired others to pick up some garbage and put it in the trash.

Location: Syracuse NY


Subject: Being a Recruiter

Message: Currently I am unemployed since the end of March. I have gone to a CareerCenter to help with my job search. One coclassmate was having a difficult time today. So instead of focusing on myself I was helping her since she does not have many office skills but is willing to learn. I gave her some great ideas and I believe made her feel better. Since this was done over the phone I have no photos to share. Happy Ron Kim Day!


Judy Kaan

Location: Delray Beach, Florida


Subject: Ron Kim Day

Message: I participate in unified sports. Unified sports is a club for special needs kids and their mentors. Mentors, which is what I am, help the special needs kids play sports that they can't usually participate in. I was best friends with a girl from unified sports who sadly passed away in 2014 from a brain tumor. I will never quit unified sports. Rest in peace Ron Kim.

Location: Canton Connecticut


Subject: kindness on a flight

Message: On a long flight home, my son Harry's and my seats were separated--and we each had a dreaded middle seat. A young man next to me kindly traded his window seat with Harry, which we really appreciated, and the guy was so gracious about it. In thanks, Harry gave him the chocolate bar he had just bought for himself. Harry asked if that would count towards Ron Kim day and I think it does on both of their parts.


I took it as a good time I am on a flight and someone needs me to trade down my seat for any reason, I will quickly and gladly do so.

Location: Icelandic air


Subject: Ron Kim Day and Kindness Notes

Message: This past year, I have been writing kindness notes monthly. My personal rules are that they must be to someone who would not expect it, someone who is not a person that I regularly thank or express my love to, and I try to write and mail an actual note rather than an email or text. I especially like it when I can think of someone who is kind of peripheral in my life. This has forced me to keep a kindness list, of people who will get a note at another time. It raises my Kindness Consciousness, just as Ron Kim Day does. So, today, I am mailing my August kindness note on Ron Kim Day, with a deep appreciation for spreading kindness, and gratitude for kindness everywhere.

Location: Bethesda MD


Ron Kim Day

We bought Target gift cards and gave them to customers entering the store.

Wheaton, Maryland



Ron Kim Day

I paid for people on line at Dunkin Donuts.

Langely Park, Maryland


Ron Kim Day

We gave baked goodies to construction workers working on the Carroll Avenue Bridge for their breakfast.

Takoma Park, MD


I know it's not RKD, but yesterday I saw an elderly gentleman wheeling his wheelchair VERY SLOWLY down the sidewalk in Crystal City.  It was absolutely frigid and the wind was howling and I was on my way back to my office for the afternoon.  He was about 100 feet behind me once I crossed the street.  I offered to push him; he accepted.  He is a Vietnam vet and was headed to the bus stop.  During our 4-block journey together, we chatted and stopped for him to bum a cigarette, and then I tucked him into the bus kiosk out of the wind.  I thanked him and gave him a big hug.  And I thanked Ron for inspiring me to help someone and hopefully make their day a little less uncomfortable.

Washington, DC